Hermitage Supplies Leading Producers in Siberia

by 5m Editor
13 January 2012, at 7:47am

SIBERIA, RUSSIA - During the months of October and November 2011, Hermitage Genetics supplied approximately 3,000 high health breeding pigs to Titan-Agro Ltd. in Omsk, Western Siberia, Russia.

High performance gilts and boars were transported from Ireland to Omsk by road. The breeding stock were delivered in three shipments and arrived in excellent condition stocking Titan-Agro’s newly built state of the art breeding unit.

Hermitage will also provide Closed Herd Breeding Programme support as well as full range of genetic, technical and management services to Titan Agro. The Titan-Agro breeding farm is directly linked to the Hermitage PigBLUP Exchange database in Ireland, where the breeding values will be calculated for the unit and the breeding programme will be monitored by the Hermitage Genetic team.

Titan-Agro are already planning to further expand their pig production and Hermitage will continue to work closely with this fast developing company and help it become one of the leaders in pig production in Western Siberia.

Hermitage also secured a contract to supply 5,700 high health breeding animals to Altaymyasoprom located in the Altay Region of Siberia. The first deliveries of approximately 3,700 animals were made in the Autumn of 2011 and the remaining animals will be delivered from Ireland in the Spring of this year. Altaymyasoprom is a fully integrated pig breeding operation and the breeding unit in Altay is also linked to the Hermitage PigBLUP Exchange database in Ireland. The project in Altay is central to the development of pig production in the Region and Altaymyasoprom plan further expansion during 2012 – 2013.