Big Dutchman Expands Hungarian Office

by 5m Editor
27 February 2012, at 6:56am

HUNGARY - No matter whether he visits the German Big Dutchman headquarters or his Hungarian customers, Gábor Peresztegi is a well-known expert for Big Dutchman housing equipment as well as a reliable partner for constructive team work.

Just recently, the long-time sales representative of the world’s leading housing equipment supplier and owner of Aliter-P Kft. has created a wide base for his business activities – in the truest sense of the word.

The new office building and warehouse of Aliter-P was recently inaugurated in the Hungarian city of Bábolna, located approximately 80 km south of Vienna. With approximately 1,100 square metres of office space, show room and warehouse the team of Aliter-P Kft. now has ample space for the marketing and distribution of top modern pig equipment.

Hungarian government sends representative

The ceremony was attended by friends, business partners and government officials. Member of parliament and government representative Dr. Judit Bertalan-Czunyiné conveyed the congratulations of the Hungarian government and participated in the festivities as did Szépe Ferenc, head of department of the department of agriculture.

Peresztegi thanked all his guests for the manifold support that he had received during the realisation of the impressive project. He also commented on the more than 15 years of partnership with Big Dutchman: “the all-encompassing team work has contributed tremendously to our success”, thanked Peresztegi Sales Manager Daniel Bartels who had traveled to Hungaria from the BD headquarters in Germany.

Housing equipment for pig production up close

After the official ceremony, the host invited everyone to join him on a tour through the new buildings. Especially well-perceived was the generous, light-flooded office building with its state-of-the-art work stations. The prestigious show room on the other hand gave the visitors a “tangible” impression of the Big Dutchman product portfolio: “as is true Hungarian custom, we ask everyone to touch and try out the equipment”, invited Peresztegi his guests.

The long-time Big Dutchman partner is firmly established on the Hungarian market for pig production equipment. The pig production expert has not only substantial expertise in the area of pig management but also a lot of experience with integrated projects and provides excellent service. If requested, Peresztegi and his team will support customers with the drafting of business plans or provide assistance for the application process for tenders and EU programs. The reconstruction of old production units from the socialist area is another area of expertise of the company.

Dr. Judit Bertalan-Czunyiné and host Gábor Peresztegi cut the ribbon and officially inaugurate the new facilities.

The roomy lobby offered sufficient space for the guests who listened to the host’s speech.

Daniel Bartels (2nd from the left) congratulated with a large talisman. In the background is the new warehouse for the distribution of housing equipment and spare parts in Hungary.

Everything is ready: all work stations are equipped with state-of-the-art furniture

Modern and practical: the new Aliter-P office and warehouse