Contributions to Improved Animal Handling

by 5m Editor
13 February 2012, at 7:56am

CANADA - Manitoba Pork Council's Manager of Quality Assurance and Flavor observes, the influence the work of Dr Temple Grandin has had on Canada's pork industry has been significant, Bruce Cochrane writes.

Manitoba Pork Council in partnership with several pork industry stakeholders will host Colorado State University Animal Science Professor Dr. Temple Grandin's presentation "Animal Welfare: The Right Thing to Do" on 23 May in Brandon.
Miles Beaudin, the Manager of Quality Assurance and Flavor with Manitoba Pork Council, says the meat industry's whole value chain has been influenced by her work, from the farm to the food processing plant to the retailer.

Miles Beaudin-Manitoba Pork Council

Many of Manitoba's or Canada's packing plants have used Temple Grandin's consultative services when they were designing their facilities.

This was to enhance animal handling and eliminate the animal's fear and pain at many of the points in movement an animal would incur prior to slaughter.

Our industry has also used many of her recommendations to improve animal transport, in-barn designs have been changed from her consultations and then many of the load-outs and receiving areas of barns have been changed.

Temple Grandin's influence to our industry has been significant.

By using her recommendations animals are moving better in barns, they move better up in trucks and down from trucks and pigs move better and more efficiently in packing plants.

That is animals move more naturally from one point to another and overall just causes less stress to the animal.

These animals, as a result have less bruising, less injury and overall better meat quality due to her recommendations.

Mr Beaudin, says Dr Grandin's realistic and simple advice for handling farm animals and for designing livestock handling facilities has gained a great deal of respect from the farm community in the field of animal welfare.

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