First Shipment of Hypor Breeders to Taiwan

by 5m Editor
29 February 2012, at 9:46am

TAIWAN - Hypor, the pig breeding division of Hendrix Genetics, announced that their first delivery of Hypor breeders arrived to Taiwan on 30 December. All 111 pigs arrived at Taipei Airport Taiwan in good condition and great health.

Nice Garden, distributor for Hypor breeders in Taiwan, received the Canadian produced Hypor breeding stock and after fifteen days quarantine period. The Hypor sire and dam lines were transported to Nice Garden’s customers.

The arrival of the Hypor breeders highlights the commitment between Nice Garden and Hypor to develop a supply of excellent genetic quality Hypor breeders for the growing Taiwanese market. Nice Garden believes in establishing a quality high health pig breeding herd in Taiwan and introduced Hypor as a breeding company late last year at a seminar with 150+ farmers and leading people in the pig industry. Hypor entered a new market with this partnership. Training and technical support of the customers is an essential part of the commitment between Nice Garden and Hypor to fully realize the genetic potential of the breeders.

Jan Bobbink, General Manager Asia sees the introduction of Hypor genetics into the Taiwanese market as a natural progression of market share growth in Asia. "Building on our experiences in Japan, The Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Viet Nam and China, we have a long history for developing successful partnerships in this region and Nice Garden also has the ambition to further improve the production performance of the Taiwanese pig industry and its pork value chain," said Mr Bobbink.

Nice Garden sees unlimited opportunities for both Hypor and Nice Garden in this market and it marks the first time that a global genetic company joins forces together with a local agent to provide direct customer support and services in the Taiwanese pig business. Nice Garden believes not only will it benefit the pig producers, but it will also help the overall performance of the industry as a whole, such as lower production cost, better meat quality and more efficient management... etc.

Pork market in Taiwan

The average annual pig output was NT $57 billion in the recent three years, accounting for 16 per cent of the total agricultural output, according to the annual agriculture report. The pig head survey in May 2010 showed that there were 6.126 million heads of pig in Taiwan and pork consumption still accounted for some 50 per cent of the total domestic meat consumption, demonstrating the importance of the pig industry in both production and consumption.