Hermitage NGT Appoints New Director of Sales and Marketing

by 5m Editor
18 February 2012, at 2:03pm

US - Hermitage NGT has recently appointed D. Richard Olsen as Director of Sales and Marketing in the United States.

Richard has vast experience of the US swine industry especially in the fields of genetics, reproduction, selection and nutrition. Richard graduated from Iowa State University with a BA in Animal Science and a minor in Communications.

D. Richard Olsen

In previous roles, Mr Olsen has been a member of several livestock boards and has presented at numerous conferences and training events in the US and international swine industry.

Mr Olsen joins Hermitage NGT at an exciting time for Hermitage in the US market. The Hermitage programme combines world class high performance genetics, high health status and excellent technical support.

The Hermitage maternal line purebred Landrace and Large White lines combine to produce a highly prolific, industry-preferred, durable F1 female called the ‘Classic Hybrid’.

In addition, the ‘Maxgro’ terminal line is specifically designed to maximize growth, ADG and Feed Conversion in the progeny and has continued to rapidly gain market share in North America and is renowned for producing high yielding, uniform market hogs.

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