Meriden Targets Northern Malaysian Swine Industry

by 5m Editor
1 February 2012, at 7:31am

MALAYSIA - Meriden Animal Health recently presented their flagship product Orego-Stim and the Fusion Feed Safety Range at two seminars in Malaysia.

Meriden’s products are already well known amongst Malaysia’s poultry industry so the aim of the seminars was to create awareness of Meriden amongst swine customers.

The seminars created a great deal of interest in both Orego-Stim and the Fusion Feed Safety Range. Dr Kelvin Chong, Regional Technical Sales Manager for Meriden Animal Health, said, "Both seminars were well attended and the participants were interested to hear how Meriden’s natural products can maximise performance and increase the financial returns."

Dr Chloe Loh and Dr Kelvin Chong with Dr Wee of Taseen Trading and the Taseen team.