New HelixX System Rivals Central Exhaust Air Washer

by 5m Editor
6 February 2012, at 6:56am

GERMANY - For many pig producers in regions with a high livestock density, the retrofittable Big Dutchman-system for exhaust air treatment HelixX is often the only solution to qualify for a permit for the expansion of an existing farm.

With a new version of its decentralized exhaust air washer HelixX, the world’s leading livestock housing equipment supplier once again landed a great success, especially in regard to optimized energy consumption. This is also confirmed quite impressively by the latest Signum-Test carried out by the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

Exhaust air treatment with favourable energy consumption

The new HelixX version was officially certified end of January 2012. With an approximately twice as high exhaust air flow of 17,500 m3/h it achieves such favourable energy consumption values that, according to Big Dutchman product manager Andreas Kerssens, "It is now - in addition to the lower initial investment costs inherent to its functional principle - a true alternative to the more complex external central exhaust air washers when taking the affordable operating costs into consideration as well. The increasing demand for HelixX is a good indicator that this is the case more and more."

Excellent separation rates for total dust and ammonia

HelixX is the only exhaust air washer on the market that does not need any filling material and therefore involves much reduced maintenance requirements and costs. The decentrally-installed system for exhaust air treatment also has excellent separation rates for total dust and ammonia. The results published in the DLG report speak for themselves: emission of total dust is reduced by 85 per cent, and ammonia emission is reduced by 87.5 per cent.

"In addition to improving the energy consumption values, we have also been able to further improve the ammonia separation rate," confirms Mr Kerssens.

Exhaust air washer HelixX: simple design, reliable operation

The exhaust air washer basically consists of a nozzle holder installed on top of a water collection spiral. Water is sprayed on the exhaust air through the nozzles thus binding dust and ammonia. The decentrally-installed HelixX units are connected to each other and to a central water treatment station by means of a pipeline system.

Each HelixX operates independently. This way the operating costs, for example power costs for the recirculation of the wash water, can be reduced to a minimum.

Exhaust air washer continues to work in the event of power failure

The operational reliability is also guaranteed: in case of a power failure, the natural thermal in the chimney ensures that part of the stale house air is still removed from the house. Due to the possible decentralized arrangement of the HelixX units, the fire protection flaps in the exhaust air collection channels required by law in some German districts are rendered superfluous.

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