New Structure for TOPIGS Departments

by 5m Editor
20 February 2012, at 1:13pm

NETHERLANDS - TOPIGS has given its research, support and development department a new structure.

Hans Olijslagers (CTO) is now responsible for three departments: Research, GN Group (Genomic Nucleus) and Support.

Egbert Knol will become head of the Research Department, which is responsible for research, development and contact with universities and research institutes.

Technical Support, under the management of Michiel Westerhof, is responsible for product development, support and service.

The new department Genetic Nucleus Group is responsible for breeding, genetic improvement and the entire TOPIGS breeding programme.
Arjan Neerhof is the head of this department. This new structure will make it easier to adapt to the demands of our clients for support and assistance.

Furthermore, with the introduction of genomic selection to our breeding programme TOPIGS will be able to realise genetic progress even faster and better still.