Not All Bacon is the Same

by 5m Editor
13 February 2012, at 6:39am

UK - This year's Bacon Connoisseurs' Week (19 to 25 March 2012) celebrity is former newsreader Angela Rippon. To celebrate the British public's enduring love of one of its long-standing national 'foodie' treasures, Bacon Connoisseurs' Week aims to highlight the vast range of tasty, quality bacon available to savour in the UK today, such as that identified by the Red Tractor mark.

Ms Rippon, the first female to present the news on national television, has served Britain for more than 35 years and is now helping raise awareness of the quality of bacon produced today and remind Brits that 'not all Bacon is the same'.

An avid bacon eater, she will be championing the diverse range of premium cuts and cures of bacon, produced throughout the UK, through her support of this year’s Red, White & Bacon Awards.

Four categories including the 'Rasher-nal Treasure' awards will be open to entry and regional butchers, supermarkets and branded bacon producers will be invited to showcase their finest bacons in the competition.

To help provide added inspiration in the kitchen during the run up to Bacon Connoisseurs' Week, our Red Tractor farmers have also developed a selection of delicious recipes highlighting the many flavours and uses of one of Britain's best-loved ingredients.

Plus during Bacon Connoisseurs' Week, we'll also be polling bacon fans across the UK on their own 'Rasher-nal Treasures' – it could be Delia's Bacon and Leek Penne, Gordon's Pea, Bacon and Goat's Cheese Frittata, Jamie's Macaroni Cheese with Bacon or Nigella's Tomato and Bacon Hash.