Russian Govt Approves New Meat Import Quotas

by 5m Editor
14 February 2012, at 6:19am

GLOBAL - The German pig meat market has been quiet and the demand for cuts in particular was fairly low. Meanwhile, in Russia, the government approved a proposal on new meat import quotas for 2012.

A new Danish farming production is emerging abroad, according to BPEX's latest Weekly Export Bulletin. This is because farmers are having difficulty in getting financial back up from banks and authorities in developing their farms.

In France, a joint venture has been formed by Porc Armor and Cofiporc to set up "Porc Armor Evolution", which is set to become the fourth largest group of producers in the country holding about 1.8 million pigs. In the market for piglets, there has been no evolution. Limited offers for stable demand pulls prices upward.

The German pig meat supply and demand has been balanced. Prices remained mainly unchanged. One in ten sow producers in the German region of Northrine-Westphalia is giving up business. The main reason is that piglet prices are very low.

The problem of sow welfare standards issue in Spain lies in financing the necessary investment of €200-300 per sow place. At present, only about 20 per cent Catalonia and Aragón have fulfilled the new requirements. According to Interpig, however, 85 to 90 per cent of farms will comply by 2013.

In Russia, a proposal on new meat import quotas has been approved by the government. For pig meat, the common global import quota has been raised to 400,000 tonnes of fresh/chilled pig meat, and 300,000 tonnes of trimmings.

Strong demand around Christmas has pushed up pork prices in Brazil to last year highs. However, volumes are limited.

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