Govt of Canada Helps Swine Producers Boost Exports

by 5m Editor
22 March 2012, at 7:37am

CANADA - Canadian swine producers will benefit from increased export access with the support of the Government of Canada. Parliamentary Secretary Pierre Lemieux, on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, announced an investment of more than $1.3 million to help the Canadian Swine Exporters Association (CSEA) increase its international marketing and promotion of Canadian purebred swine genetics.

"Our Government's top priority remains the economy, and Canada's swine producers play a key role in creating jobs and economic growth," said Parliamentary Secretary Lemieux. "This investment will help our swine producers expand their production and capture new markets to strengthen their businesses and our overall economy."

This investment is enabling CSEA members to participate in key industry trade shows, including the International Livestock and Dairy Expo (ILDEX) in Vietnam later this month. AgriMarketing funding also helped facilitate a new contract for Canadian swine genetics worth $1.6 million during Minister Ritz's trade mission to China last month, when Genesus Inc., one of the top swine breeding companies in the world, signed a contract for 1,000 breeding swine.

"The AgriMarketing Program has assisted us in opening new markets in new countries to further develop the swine industry globally," said CSEA Executive Director Rosemary Smart. "Today, the Canadian swine sector benefits from a solid reputation all over the world for its top-quality, healthy genetics."

The investment announced is provided by the AgriMarketing Program under Growing Forward, which helps industry implement long-term international strategies. As a recipient of AgriMarketing funds, CSEA will help brand Canadian agricultural products around the world, building greater recognition for the quality, safety advantages and environmental benefits of Canadian products. Tools and promotional items are available to CSEA as a registered Canada Brand member to help develop its marketing strategies and activities.