US Pork Market Access to Thailand

by 5m Editor
21 March 2012, at 7:34am

THAILAND - Thailand's GSP privileges are at risk of being suspended due to Thailand's unfair import restrictions on U.S. pork into Thailand.

These unfair practices include: 1) Thailand's ban on imports of pork from any country including the United States that allows the use of ractopamine even though this additives is safe; 2) Even if imports were allowed Thailand imposes an inspection fee that is 10 times greater than the inspection fee for domestic pork; and 3) Thailand would issue import permits in arbitrary manner apparently designed to protect domestic production.

For two years, FAS/Bangkok and National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) have raised these concerns with the Thai Government, however all efforts to gain market access have been stonewalled by the Thai authorities.

In light of this, the NPPC is considering filing a petition to remove the GSP privileges in the near future if Thailand remains adamant in its position.

This petition could negatively impact Thailand's approximately $500 million of products that received GSP privileges in 2011.