Hermitage at 40th Anniversary Conference in Russia

by 5m Editor
26 April 2012, at 11:04am

RUSSIA - On 26th April 2012, the Russian Union of Pork Producers, Rossvinoprom, held a conference celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Speakers included the former Minister of Agriculture of the USSR Mr Mesyats, General Director of Rossvinprom Union Mr Sharnin and other prominent figures in Russian pork production.

It was attended by some major pork producers, representatives of state authorities, mass media, etc.

Hermitage Genetics was the only genetic company invited to this conference and the participants were very interested in Hermitage products.

Russia is targeting to produce 5 million tonnes of pork by 2020 and Hermitage Genetics is set to play a significant part in this programme and will continue to expand its involvement in the Russian pig breeding market.