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Pork Council Restructures Board of Directors

by 5m Editor
5 April 2012, at 7:37am

CANADA - In response to a shrinking producer base Manitoba Pork Council has completed an overhaul of it's governance structure, writes Bruce Cochrane.

To better represent a diminishing number of pork producers, Manitoba Pork Council has restructured its Board of Directors.

Under the new system, which came into effect yesterday during the organization's 2012 annual general meeting, the number of geographic districts has been cut from five to two and delegates have been replaced by advisors with the number being reduced.

Manitoba Pork Council Chair Karl Kynoch explains the restructuring is intended to allow representation to come from a wider area.

Karl Kynoch-Manitoba Pork Council

Now that we've changed we only have half of the of amount of, it used to be called delegates, now they're called advisors, we only have half the amount and we want to make sure that we involve these advisors to a little larger degree than we have in the past.

We want to do things like leadership development, possibly a little bit of maybe media training, these type of things but we want to involve these delegates to a little larger degree than we have in the past and kind of use them as a front line of defense when we need to go to somebody else to attend functions or represent producers.

The dollar savings are not going to be very large with that but the big thing is to make sure that we have qualified people and that we have the positions filled and people that want to be on there and be involved, that they have that opportunity.

Sometimes, when you have too many districts out there and you don't have somebody wanting to run as an advisor in one district, what this does is open it up and if we have two really good potentials in another area it allows those both to be on there.

We want to make sure that we do what ever is best for the industry to have the best leadership possible.

Mr Kynoch notes when he became involved with Pork Council there were about 17 hundred pork producers operating in Manitoba, as recently as 2006 there were about 15 hundred, that number has now fallen to about 500 and is still dropping.

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