Public Warned Against Imported Chicken, Pork

30 April 2012, at 9:40am

PHILIPPINES - The National Meat Inspection Service has warned the public against possible spoilage in some chicken meat and pork brought in from abroad.

NMIS head Jane Bacayo cited reports that some of the meat may not have been handled properly while being brought to the Philippines, radio dzBB's Allan Gatus reported.

Ms Bacayo was also quoted as saying in the report the meat may be vulnerable to spoilage if it is not properly stored, especially under the summer heat, according to GMANews.

He also said they are verifying reports of contamination in meat brought in from countries like France, the United States, Canada, and European Union.

Ms Bacayo said the NMIS will continue monitoring reports of contamination of imported meat.

The NMIS' warning came amid hog and poultry raisers' complaint that the government is not acting on meat smuggling.