Steady Growth in Rosderra's Pig Exports to China

by 5m Editor
20 April 2012, at 7:15am

IRELAND - Irish meat processor Rosderra is one of the companies with an existing relationship with the giant Yurun Group that is based in Nanjing. The company has been selling pigmeat into China since the country gave final approval to Ireland to resume exports in 2007. reports that Rosderra's exports have grown steadily to China during this period and the total for 2011 topped €30m.

Rosderra boss Jim Hanley expects trade with China to expand further this year as the company continues to broaden its customer base.

"We will ship between €5m and €6m worth of pork in the next six weeks to China," Mr Hanley said.

He points out that the company exported 34,000 tonnes of pork produce to China last year, which accounted for between 11pc and 13pc of their total output.

While Britain remains the primary export market for Irish pork and bacon, China has overtaken our near neighbours in terms of importance for Rosderra.

Mr Hanley explains that imports of pork into China exceeded 126 million tonnes in 2011, the highest level ever recorded. And this is despite over 660 million pigs being slaughtered annually by China for domestic consumption.

With pork continuing to be the primary protein source for the country's urban population, the volume of imports is forecast to increase significantly over the next 10 years.