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Swift Plant Cited Again for Odour Violations

by 5m Editor
24 April 2012, at 6:57am

US - The JBS Swift slaughterhouse, which paid $37,250 in air pollution fines last year, has been cited for five more alleged odour violations, city officials said last week. reports that, according to district documents, A 3 April notice to the company from the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District encompassing five incidents dating to February 2011 assesses a total penalty of $6,000.

“We’re getting more complaints from neighbors,“ said district Executive Director Lauren Anderson.

Inspection reports from the new round of alleged violations say the odors spread beyond the plant and were very strong, and often smelled of the rendering process.

An inspector, for example, on 4 January, detected “a very strong, obnoxious rendering odour coming from the Swift plant“ as far away as Frankfort Avenue. When the inspector came back the next day, “the odour still could be detected throughout the neighborhood,“ according to one report.

Another inspection report mentions strong odors from pig feces from nine delivery trucks loaded with pigs.

“At JBS, we continue to seek out answers to odor control to help improve the lives of everyone in the community, including our 1,200 local employees,“ JBS spokeswoman Margaret McDonald said in a written statement on Friday.

Andy Cornelius, president of the Butchertown association, said he is pleased the air district “was stepping up and taking the appropriate actions.“