EU Pig Prices: Prices Occur Only on the Spot

2 May 2012, at 9:36am

EU - The slaughter hog prices on the EU markets continue to show little movement, the trends are, however, not as uniform as in the past few weeks.

There was a price increase by the equivalent of +3 cents in Denmark. This is where the export business, particularly on third country markets, good. A slight price correction of -1 cent must accept the other hand, producers in the Netherlands and Belgium. This battle companies complain about the increasingly difficult meat shops. With a price reduction equivalent to -3 cents France remains the problem child of the past few weeks.

Due to the shortened week as well as battle the rainy weather in France currently lacks the optimism to rising prices in the short term. In Spain, Austria, Italy and Germany, the market is however still considered stable.

Tendency for the German market : Despite the shortened week by the May Day battle will demand the pig slaughter by the company quickly. Oversupply do not occur, the business was grilled last weekend and the first May in full swing everywhere. The further development of prices is therefore likely to be least stable.

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