Guatemala Reports Two Outbreaks of CSF

by 5m Editor
17 May 2012, at 9:51am

GUATEMALA - Guatemala has reported two outbreaks of classical swine fever in backyard farms with low biosecurity measures.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) received an immediate notification on 12 May 2012. The outbreak was initially observed on 23 March and confirmed on 9 May.

A total of 220 pigs showed signs of susceptibility, out of which 33 cases and 17 deaths were reported. No animals were destroyed or slaughtered.

Introduction of new live animals has been identified as the primary cause of the outbreaks.

The outbreaks were detected by veterinarians from the official services. The event is limited to these farms. No more cases have been observed. Epidemiological surveillance goes on at national level.

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