Japfa Hypor Genetics Company a Fact

by 5m Editor
8 May 2012, at 1:20pm

VIET NAM - The joint venture agreement announced in November 2011 between Viet Nam’s leading animal feed producer Japfa Comfeed Long An Ltd (Japfa) and global swine genetics company Hypor B.V. (Hypor) has been finalized on 25 April 2012. The Japfa Hypor Genetics Company has been founded and a 700 sow high health pig breeding unit will be established in Viet Nam.

The new 700 sow nucleus farm is planned to be ready this summer. In August/September 2012 a shipment of Hypor GGP, consisting of the two dam lines Hypor Large White and Landrace and the sire lines Hypor Maxter and Magnus, will populate the farm.

The nucleus farm will produce reproduction pigs and semen for the needs of Japfa’s own pig production. Alongside a sales and service organization will be set up to commercialize gilts and semen in the Vietnamese market.

Raf Beeren, Managing Director of Hypor is very enthusiastic about the joint venture and stated: “The combination of strengths of both partners guarantees a successful breeding program in Viet Nam. Together we will ensure that the potential of our genetics will be realized within Japfa’s production system and at the Vietnamese commercial pig producers.“

“The last four years the quality of the Hypor genetics and team has proven its value to Japfa. The joint venture is a logical extension of this successful collaboration, but also the start of an ambitious growth scenario," said Tan Yong Nang, Director and COO of Japfa Group. “We are rapidly expanding our production base and plans have been finalized for the construction of three AI stations for future distribution of Hypor Magnus and Maxter semen.“

Viet Nam is one of the fastest growing markets for pork production in Asia. With rising incomes stimulating domestic meat consumption growth, production needs to increase to keep pace. Furthermore, the Vietnamese government supports the modernization of the pig production industry to move away from backyard production. Japfa and Hypor are ready to invest further in this highly attractive market.

From left to right, front: Mr Raf Beeren (Managing Director, Hypor), Mr Tan Yong Nang (Director and COO, Japfa Group)