NFU Encourages Judicious Use of Antibiotics

11 May 2012, at 7:10am

US - National Farmers Union (NFU) Vice President of Government Relations, Chandler Goule, has discussed antibiotic use in animal agriculture in a presentation at a national stakeholder meeting hosted by the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics in Washington, DC.

“NFU supports measures that continue to allow the Food and Drug Administration to permit the use of therapeutic antibiotics approved for use in livestock unless valid scientific evidence proves that the product is unsafe,“ said Mr Goule.

“NFU believes that antibiotic treatment should be reserved for clinical treatment of illness and for judicious use in preventing illness during periods of stress and supports the right of producers to treat their animals with antibiotics to address herd health issues while opposing the constant sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics.“

More research is needed to determine the links between antibiotic use for animal health and antibiotic resistance in humans according to two separate GAO reports.

“What is clear is that there is a need for additional research and for carefully crafted legislation that is evidence-based,“ said Mr Goule.