Super Suspension Offers New Worming Options

by 5m Editor
17 May 2012, at 11:24am

UK - Making its UK debut at this year’s Pig and Poultry Fair is Panacur AquaSol, a new generation water-administered wormer for pigs.

Developed by MSD Animal Health, this superfine Fenbendazole powder is an evolution of the proven Panacur anthelmintic - a broad-spectrum wormer that has been used safely and effectively across a wide range of animal species for more than 30 years.

Panacur AquaSol has superior suspension properties. Produced using a unique wet-milling process, this superfine powder mixes easily with water and will stay in suspension for a minimum of 24 hours. Once mixed, the Panacur suspension is ready to use and requires no further agitation or mixing for the rest of the day. As a result, the solution can be confidently pumped through a dosing machine, such as a Dosatron®, throughout the treatment period, without settling out that can cause can block pipes and filters.

Diamond edge

MSD Animal Health has invested a considerable amount in AquaSol’s production process. The state of the art milling method uses zirconium beads - a tough, diamond-type substance that achieves extremely fine granulation of the Panacur compound. The resulting powder particles are so minuscule that they are easily held in a uniform and consistent suspension.

“The milling process gives Panacur AquaSol unique properties that can eliminate settling out and sedimentation for at least 24 hours, problems that have previously put many producers off using wormers administered in the drinking water. This formulation has literally dissolved these issues,” explained Ricardo Neto MRCVS, Technical Manager for MSD's pig business unit.

Panacur AquaSol, a POM-V category medicine, is effective against a broad spectrum of intestinal worms throughout their lifecycles including the larval stages of Ascaris summ.

The 20 per cent suspension provides a dose rate of 2.5 mg fenbendazole per kg per day and the product’s ability to stay 'suspended' ensures that all pigs receive the same quantity of active ingredients. The same size of particles also promotes more homogenous absorption across the two-day treatment period.

Trails show that the bio-availability of AquaSol is also superior to Panacur powder. It has also performed better than many of its competitors in the control of migrating larvae.

Panacur AquaSol has a 48-hour treatment period and four-day meat withdrawal period. It offers producers a flexible and effective worming option for all ages of breeding and rearing pigs.