Genomic Selection Now Used in TOPIGS Dam Lines

by 5m Editor
28 June 2012, at 11:36am

NETHERLANDS - At the beginning of June, TOPIGS started to use genomic selection in dam line breeding as well. This means that sows and boars for breeding are now partly selected on the basis of information collected with genomic selection.

This step follows the introduction of genomic selection for the breeding of TOPIGS finisher boars at the end of last year. In the Nador concept genomic selection is used to select boars that pass on less boar taint.

The use of genomic selection information in dam line breeding allows more and faster genetic progress to be achieved in areas such as litter size, birth weight, vitality and mothering abilities. Faster progress can also be made in the area of genetic improvement for finisher and slaughter traits in the dam lines.

Genomic selection boosts genetic progress by 30 per cent. TOPIGS can also play its trump card: phenotypic information from almost 25 million pigs. These data enhance the possibilities of genomic selection thanks to a better linking of genotypic and phenotypic information.

With genomic selection, a direct picture of the genetic disposition for a certain trait can be obtained. In particular, faster genetic progress can now be achieved for those traits that are only measurable late in a pig’s life, are sex-linked or have a low heritability. Genomic selection also makes it possible to work with specific breeding goals.