Key Success Factors for the Pork Value Chain

by 5m Editor
26 June 2012, at 12:26pm

NETHERLANDS - Hypor communicates the first three of nine key success factors from their MAX’ing Capacity philosophy for maximizing total system profitability MAX’ing Capacity is about MAX’imizing the capacity to deliver efficient, high throughput pigs with the right carcass and meat quality characteristics, MAX’ing the genetic potential of the animal to generate total system profitability.

For simplicity, we’ve divided the pork value chain into three main pillars – Weaning Capacity or everything from breeding to weaning; Finishing Capacity which covers finishing to marketing; and Meat Capacity encompassing hog marketing to pork marketing.

A collection of Hypor experts from around the world share their insights on how to improve profitability in today’s challenging environment. Providing powerful and practical articles that stimulate thought, discussion and action for the total system of pork production.

Success in our industry today requires new ways of thinking about the business of pork production as well as new ways of doing. We lead the discussion off by focusing on the first of three key success factors per pillar:

  • Weaning Capacity > Solid Sow Performance
    Focusing solely on the sow, on her efficiency and ease of management, how does she contribute to total system profitability?

  • Finishing Capacity > Improved Cost Efficiency
    Variable costs are highest in the finishing units, what are some new and practical ways to reduce waste and inefficiency?

  • Meat Capacity > Optimizing Yield
    How can we better meet the needs of the processor in terms of quantity of pork delivered?

To know more, stay tuned for the first article in September.