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Point-and-Click Hog Grading Data

by 5m Editor
15 June 2012, at 7:34am

CANADA - All Ontario swine farmers can access grading data to help maximize returns through a software program created by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The swine Grading Data Explorer is literally a point-and-click goldmine of information that is easy to access.

Like any other business, swine farmers need to have the most current information about their product to make adjustments for the next shipment to bring in top dollar. That’s easier to do when the information is at your fingertips. Open Grading Data Explorer on your computer, check the boxes for the information you want and there it is on your screen. Check the boxes for weight, fat, muscle and yield data on the hogs taken to slaughter on a given date and the results are presented in a table, as a scatter plot or chart with averages. The information helps identify how well your hogs are meeting the marketing grid.

Grading Data Explorer is available to all swine farmers in Ontario. To get started swine farmers need a username and password then they can access their confidential data. Since Ontario Pork collects swine grading data for the province, Grading Data Explorer is situated on their website. There is no charge for an Ontario swine farmer to use Grading Data Explorer. Anyone interested in using the tool can download it through Ontario Pork’s website. All that is required is a username and password to access grading information in the data base. Producers can find the necessary forms here.

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