Genesus Shipping Hundreds of Pigs to China

by 5m Editor
17 July 2012, at 8:56am

CHINA - 850 head of elite Genesus Registered Pure Breed pigs were loaded onto a China Cargo Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter at the Winnipeg International Airport this week and flown non-stop to China.

Giastar Nucleus Farm

Giastar, the buyers in China, are located in Chengdu, Sichaun province. Giastar is a feed manufacturer with 1 million ton capacity. Giastar also has 7000 sows in breeding stock production, formerly PIC, now moving to Genesus.

These pigs will be placed into a newly constructed barn, specifically designed for use as a nucleus. Giastar’s goal is 5 million pigs in production. They also currently have a meat processing facility with 500,000 head capacity.

Genesus has the largest registered purebred herd in the world, with many Genesus herds producing over 30 pigs per sow per year.