NPPC to Urge US to Comply with WTO Ruling on MCOOL

by 5m Editor
5 July 2012, at 10:26am

US - The US based National Pork Producers Council says it will be urging the United States to comply with last week's World Trade Organization ruling that US Country of Origin Labelling violates US trade obligations, Bruce Cochrane writes.

Last week the World Trade Organization Appellate Body upheld a November 2011 Dispute Settlement Panel ruling that US Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling discriminates against imported livestock and is inconsistent with US trade obligations.

The US now has 15 months to bring the labelling law into compliance with WTO rules or face possible retaliatory tariffs.

National Pork Producers Council vice-president and council for international affairs Nick Giordano says the United States is a strong supporter of the WTO and he's confident the United States will comply with the ruling.

Nick Giordano-National Pork Producers Council

We want this to happen sooner rather than later because we don't want to get to a point where Ottawa and or Mexico City are discussing retaliation.

I don't think that's in anybody's best interest.

We're NAFTA trading partners and now both Canada and Mexico are taking the plunge along with the US in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations so I don't think anybody wants a trade battle here.

I don't think other sectors in the United States want to be dragged into this and that's what happens if you reach the point where there's retaliation.

But again I believe the United States will come into conformity and certainly the national Pork Producers Council has been and will be urging the United States to that and when we do that this trade irritant will go away.

Mr Giordano acknowledges the US has 12 to 15 months to bring its laws into compliance with the WTO ruling, the NPPC will be working hard to make sure that happens and he's confident that is going to happen.

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