Three ASF Outbreaks in Mpumalanga Resolved

by 5m Editor
17 July 2012, at 9:31am

SOUTH AFRICA - The South African veterinary authorities have reported that three outbreaks of African swine fever in at several farms across Mpumalanga earlier this year have been resolved.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) received Follow-up Report No. 3 on Monday, 16 July.

Out of the 954 pigs identified in the first quarter of this year on infected farms, 241 deaths were reported and 713 pigs were destroyed.

Illegal movement of animals had been sourced as the major cause of the outbreaks. The outbreaks occurred outside South Africa's ASF control zone. All outbreaks belonged to the same property.

All affected farms were depopulated at the time and the situation is now described as resolved.