Zambeef in 3,000 Tonnes Pigs Deficit

by 5m Editor
2 July 2012, at 7:56am

ZAMBIA - Zambeef Products Plc is failing to get more than 3,000 tonnes of pigs it requires to process for the market a week because of low supply from the local animal keepers.

The Government has, however, urged the firm to engage the local people in outgrower schemes to help boost pig production in the country, according to AllAfrica.

Currently, Master Pork, a subsidiary of Zambeef, is operating below capacity due to the shortage of pigs on the local market.

Zambeef chief executive officer Francis Grogan said his company was facing a challenge of low supply of pigs to feed the new processing facility.

"The new pork processing facility can process up to 3,000 tonnes per week but because of the shortage of pigs, we are processing between five and 10 tonnes per week," he said.

Mr Grogan was speaking in Palabana when Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock experts led by Permanent Secretary David Shamulenge toured Zambeef processing plants.

He said to reduce the deficit Zambeef was buying pigs from small-scale farmers but that the demand could not be met as the supplies were always low.

Mr Grogan said pigs had the highest product variation compared to those for cattle and poultry which had the capacity to propel the country's economic development if well managed.

Dr Shamulenge urged Zambeef to venture into outgrower schemes with the small-scale farmers to cushion the impact caused by the shortage of pigs.