Grand Opening Japfa Hypor Genetics Company in Viet Nam

31 August 2012, at 11:09am

VIET NAM - The new joint venture Jafpa Hypor Genetics Company (JHGC) celebrated the grand opening on August 17 of the brand new 700 sow high health pig breeding farm. The-state-of-the-art facility is the first of its kind in Viet Nam.

More than 200 invitees from all parts of the world attended the opening ceremony. JHGC is a joint venture between Viet Nam's leading animal feed producer Japfa Comfeed Long An Ltd (Japfa) and global swine genetics company Hypor B.V. (Hypor).

Construction of the 700 sow nucleus farm was finished this summer and Hypor breeding stock, consisting of the two dam lines Hypor Large White and Landrace and the sire lines Hypor Maxter and Magnus, will populate the farm in the next quarter. With this product portfolio built on Hypor's strategic pure lines, top genetics will become available for the Vietnamese pork value chain.

"Good genetics is comparable to solid foundation", Dr Kuswanto Sukojo, senior vice president and country head of Japfa stated. "And a solid foundation is a precondition for long-term success. Japfa and Hypor share a vision in improving pig genetics in Viet Nnam."

Mr Antoon van den Berg, CEO of Hendrix Genetics said: "The joint venture is the first and crucial step of our partnership to build the best breeding company in Indochina." He added that Hypor products will help the producers to reduce production cost in the pork value chain and maximise total system profitability.

From left to right: Mr Antoon van den Berg (CEO of Hendrix Genetics), Mr Hoang Phan Tan (Chairman of Japfa Viet Nam), Thijs Hendrix, (President Hendrix Genetics), Mr Tan Yong Nang (Director and COO, Japfa Group), Dr Kuswanto Sukojo (Country Head of Japfa Viet Nam).