Reduced Workload in Sow Management Thanks to QuigTag

by 5m Editor
1 August 2012, at 1:06pm

GERMANY - Sow farmers who successfully want to produce piglets always have to have an excellent overview of the production and performance data of their animals.

For example in the service centre: The farmer has added site cards with the registered data of the respective sow to every crate. He is carrying the function card for insemination with him.

Together with his father Norbert, Franz-Josef Butschen decided to expand their pig production practiced on the Butschen farm already for generations to sow management with pig rearing. Today the farm has nearly 750 animal places, which the Butschen family entirely re-designed according to the specifications of the animal protection guidelines. For pregnant sows, they selected for example the Big Dutchman ESF system Callmatic Pro for sows in group management. This can ideally be combined with QuigTag and Callmatic Pro: Upon importing data from the ear tags all relevant data regarding the sow are available, feed curves can be modified and selection orders can be given.

Therefore, mobile computers or tablet PCs in sow management have long ago become universal companions for them. However, their application usually is significantly handicapped by too small displays and keyboards, bad lighting conditions, dust and dirt.

The remedy for this is QuigTag, an entirely new Big Dutchman software allowing safe and quick entries.

Franz-Josef Butschen has personally convinced himself of this, since the sow manager from Viersen in the Lower Rhine area now uses the rapid management aid in the service centre and the farrowing house on his farm – and now greatly appreciates the ease of work resulting from the simplified data input.

The procedure is based upon informative symbol cards called site and function cards with very easy handling.