Crackdown on ASF Control in Tatarstan

19 September 2012, at 8:15am

RUSSIA - After carrying out 356 inspections of pig farms, slaughter houses and processing plants in the Republic of Tatarstan this year, the local office of the Russian veterinary office, Rosselkhoznador, started legal action in 160 cases.

The veterinary authority together with the traffic police also inspected 980 vehicles that were transporting goods as part of the crackdown on breaches in the regulations to control African Swine Fever.

The inspections prevented 56 cases of illegal transportation of live pigs and animal products.

The authorities have also prevented the movement of 1,141 head of livestock and poultry in the region because of lack of correct documents as well as a further 53.3 tonnes of meat products.

From these breeches of the regulations the authorities have filed action in 55 cases.

As part of the surveillance programme for African Swine Fever, the authorities, FGBU Tatar MVL and GU Republican Veterinary Laboratory, have also carried out tests on samples from 371 wild boar and 773 domestic pigs as well as 465 samples from pork products.

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