Hermitage Genetics in Southern Germany

25 September 2012, at 11:48am

GERMANY - Robert Lutz and Wolfgang Pfeiffer, have combined forces and established a new 650-place sow unit on a green field site in Baden- Wurttemberg, Southern Germany.

The new unit has been built with the most modern technologies and in accordance with all new housing and welfare regulations.

Both Robert and Wolfgang decided to use Hermitage Genetics due to their high health status, prolificacy, conformation and excellent fattening results being achieved by existing Hermitage customers in Southern Germany.

In May 2012 the first 360 high health F1 and Large White pure bred gilts arrived in the new unit, followed by a second batch of 290 animals in July to complete the new stocking. The farm will also implement a Hermitage Closed Herd Breeding Programme and will be directly connected to the Hermitage PigBLUP Exchange database in Ireland.

Dr Andreas Palzer is the herd veterinarian and he implemented the vaccination and synchronization program to protect the high health status of the animals from the beginning and to start the production with seven groups in a three week cycle.

Both owners are very happy about the excellent condition of the delivered pigs and looking forward on their performance.

The Hermitage Geneticist, Ivar Peeters, has installed the Closed Herd BLUP Breeding Programme on the herd and provided training and technical support for the farm staff. The first pure bred and Maxgro inseminations started in July.

“Due to the excellent breeding performance, the high health status of the animals and the professional Closed Herd BLUP program, We are delighted to be working with Hermitage Genetics in the South of Germany“, Dr Andreas Palzer commented.