Hypor Publishes First Expert Articles

19 September 2012, at 12:30pm

NETHERLANDS - MAX’ing Capacity concentrates on total system profitability, maximising the bottom line instead of focusing on a single trait or phase.

It is based on the understanding that performance in one phase has links upstream and downstream, that performance, cost and revenue are all interconnected.

MAX’ing Capacity is Hypor’s philosophy linking the factors that influence profitability from breeding to pork marketing.

For simplicity, it has been broken down into three pillars: Weaning Capacity, Finishing Capacity and Meat Capacity.

  • Weaning Capacity - covering everything from breeding to weaning.
  • Finishing Capacity - covering everything from weaning to marketing.
  • Meat Capacity - covering everything from hog marketing to pork marketing.

Improve your system profitability now. Hypor global experts are sharing their knowledge. The first three articles, focusing on Solid Sow Performance, can be downloaded online.