Hypor Works with Genomics Lab to Create Industry First

5 September 2012, at 9:36am

NETHERLANDS - Lead scientists in Hypor, the pig breeding division of Hendrix Genetics, have teamed up with Hendrix Genetics’ new Genomics Laboratory to develop an innovative and effective programme of genomic selection.

Hypor is the first to have implemented this technology within existing breeding programs for the pig industry, and is creating new opportunities in genetic development that integrate BLUP and a greater understanding into DNA composition.

The Genomics Laboratory is Hendrix Genetics' own leading-class Research & Development centre situated in France; a central location dedicated to the global molecular DNA work for all divisions across Hendrix Genetics.

For Hypor, blood and tissue samples are taken from their own and their customers pigs, and are shipped back to the lab, where DNA is extracted and stored in a BioBank. Following analysis and genotyping, Hypor geneticists, utilize this information to accelerate their own breeding programs and their customer's breeding programs.

"By centralising all molecular DNA work, we are also bringing together all expertise and knowledge that has been built up across all our species. For Hypor this will bring an added value to their breeding programs and will open doors for future developments much faster. As a team we combine and direct individual accomplishments towards our organizational goals" says Pieter van As, Molecular Geneticist of the Research & Technology Centre and Manager of the Genomics Laboratory.

For Hypor, the Genomics Laboratory is a crucial success factor in the routine execution of the Genomic Breeding Program. Already, all DNA samples of the different nucleus farms around the world are shipped and processed centrally within the Genomics Laboratory in France. With the Laboratory's enhanced capabilities, Hypor and Hendrix Genetics are set to extend the possibilities of genetic breeding.

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