Pig Compass Website is Now Available in Spanish

18 September 2012, at 9:29am

GLOBAL - Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business segment of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, has launched a new version of the Pig compass website.

There are 963,968,133 pigs globally (FAO stats 2010), seven per cent of which are produced in Spanish speaking countries. To improve the communication to these markets Danisco Animal Nutrition has launched a Spanish version of the Pig Compass website.

Making a profit on pigs is a challenge in an increasingly volatile and regulated environment.

The company's goal is to help pig farmers stay on course for profitable pig production in a sustainable way.

The Pig Compass website helps provide nutritional direction to deal with the volatility of the price of raw materials, manage the cost of manure disposal and maintain optimal health in pigs. It shows Danisco Animal Nutrition's commitment to provide innovation and nutritional advice to overcome those challenges.

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