Sow Management of 2,600 Animals in a Closed System

10 September 2012, at 1:02pm

ROMANIA - For more than 20 years already, Big Dutchman has supported pig farmers in post-socialist Europe in reconstructing outdated production units. Recently also in Roman in the East of Romania. The company Suinprod S.A. Roman of the Kosarom group entrusted the pig equipment supplier from Vechta in Germany with the extensive reconstruction of a sow management farm for 2,600 animals.

This impressive project has now been completed and the company plans for producing an annual 75,000 finishing pigs in a closed system. Big Dutchman Pig Equipment GmbH was responsible for the pig equipment installed. The supply of the buildings including site supervision was organized by the Polish general contractor Agricon Spólka z o.o. belonging to the Big Dutchman group of companies.

A big compliment

In 2008, the pig equipment supplier Big Dutchman Pig Equipment GmbH has already been working for Suinprod when it equipped a farm for the reproduction of 650 gilts. With remarkable success, as the follow-up order shows: the company now had to equip the impressive number of 23 new houses in Romania. The farm was officially opened with a ceremonial act in presence of numerous guests as well as representatives of the EU commission and the Romanian department of agriculture. Neculai Apostol, the founder of Kosarom and current majority shareholder of the group of companies, also attended the inauguration.

Modern sow management in Roman

All houses from the service center to the farrowing area and through to the construction of buildings for rearing and finishing have been equipped with the ultra-modern pig equipment and pig feeding systems from Vechta in Germany. Moreover, the Romanian company is well-prepared for the new EU guideline on livestock husbandry.

According to this guideline, pregnant sows may only be kept in groups as from 1st January 2013 onwards and the waiting area has to be equipped entirely with single stalls. Up to 40 sows can be housed in one pen. All sows within a group have a separate feeding place where they can eat without being interrupted so that aggression during feeding is avoided.

The construction experts

The Big Dutchman subsidiary Agricon Spólka z o.o. is one of the leading general contractors for the planification and realisation of livestock houses. Besides concept and implementation of new projects of any dimension one of the most important tasks of Agricon Spólka are extensive reconstruction projects as the one in Roman. The company has already implemented a large number of livestock projects in foreign countries among others in Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain and Ukraine.