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Swine Castration Webinar Announcement

11 September 2012, at 12:43pm

US - The Federation of Animal Science Societies has announced an upcoming webinar titled 'Swine Castration'.

The webinar will be held Monday, 8 October, 2012, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CDT

Registration is free; however, you must be registered to attend. Space is limited.

The programme is as follows:

Welcome and Introductions

Dr John McGlone
Texas Tech University
FASS Animal Care Committee, Chair

USA Finishing Herd Numbers and Distribution and the Drive for Heavier Market Weights

Dr Paul Matzat

How Pigs Are Typically Castrated


Why Is Physical Castration an Animal Welfare Issue?

Dr Gail Golab
American Veterinary Medical Association

Options for Castration

Dr John McGlone
Texas Tech University

Relieving Pain by Anesthetics and/or Analgesics

Dr J. Hans Coetzee
ISU & Mhairi Sutherland, New Zealand

Options for the Future – Ways to Move Forward

Dr John McGlone
Texas Tech University

Questions and Discussion

For registration please see

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