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CSHB Initiatives Add Export Value to Hogs

19 October 2012, at 7:53am

CANADA - An independent third party assessment of swine health initiatives undertaken by Canadian Swine Health Board has determined those activities add roughly 15 per cent to the export value of Canadian pork, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Ernst & Young has completed an independent third party assessment of the Canadian Swine Health Board.

Shazmin Dosani, the Senior Manager Advisory Services with Ernst & Young, told those on hand for the 2012 Canadian Swine Health Forum, the assessment was conducted on behalf of the CSHB to assess relevance and performance of the agency's activities within each of its three organizational pillars, biosecurity, research and long term disease risk management.

Shazmin Dosani-Ernst & Young:

The team actually set out to quantify the marginal benefit of CSHB programming so specifically we calculated the fluctuations and gains and value of per exported unit swine generated from CSHB activities. We assessed that through survey data and also looking at export data.

In terms of our survey data we found that the CSHB activities and programs will yield roughly about 15 percent expected annual payoff in Canadian pork and pork product export values.

To translate that into an actual dollar value, using economic data from 2009 to 2011, we estimated that the net economic benefit per export unit from CSHB activities and programs would range between 13 and 16 dollars per unit.

Based on the assessment several recommendations have been made, including continued operation of the Canadian Swine Health Board beyond its current March 2013 mandate, that the board should consider broadening its mission to include a global focus on swine health through enhanced biosecurity initiatives, monitoring and surveillance system development and emergency response protocols and that it communicate outcomes achieved through it's research funding.

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