DanAvl to Enter the Finnish Market

2 October 2012, at 10:03am

FINLAND - Finnish pig producers will be able to increase their pigs' genetic potential when DanAvl enters the market there.

In Finland, AI-stations will import boars to supply around 100,000 sows across the country.

"It is a breakthrough for DanAvl to enter the Finnish market. I believe that this is a result of our documented good results on traits like, for example, feed conversion and survival - results that Finnish pig producers also will benefit from," says Nicolaj Nørgaard, CEO, the Danish Pig Research Centre.

DanAvl has signed a contract with Finnpig OY, and this paves the way for the sale of DanAvl genetics in Finland. At the moment, veterinary restrictions prevent the sale of DanAvl sows to Finland – and the campaign is based on boars to AI-stations.

"After years of hard work, we are now entering the Nordic market, and we expect to increase our market share in the future," Nicolaj Nørgaard ends.