HKScan Continues Efficiency Measures

10 October 2012, at 8:33am

SWEDEN and DENMARK - As part of the extensive group development programme, launched in the spring and to be carried out until the end of 2013, HKScan will continue to improve operating efficiency in Sweden and Denmark.

As communicated previously, the slicing of cold cuts and the manufacturing of cold-smoked products in Sweden will be centralised in Halmstad, and the manufacturing of other cold cuts in Kristianstad. Related to this, the cold cut production unit in Bjaeverskov, Denmark, has also been shut down at the end of September. If implemented, the aforementioned measures will cause the employment termination of about 70 people.

Due to the pork meat production decline in Sweden, it is additionally intended that the nightshift of pork cutting in Kristianstad will be discontinued, which means that cutting operations will work in one shift. Employer-employee negotiations concerning the employment termination of 55 people have been commenced on 8 October 2012.

The efficiency plan for HKScan's market area Sweden, announced in early August 2012, and now further specified, annually aims to improve the result by about €10 million, and the plan is to implement the changes by the middle of 2013.

If implemented, the plan means that in addition to the employment termination of about 150 people, announced previously, the number of staff will be reduced by about 70 people more. HKScan currently has about 2,500 employees in Sweden.