Hypor Maxter Arrives at Cypriot Partner Animalia Genetics

15 October 2012, at 7:45am

CYPRUS - On 15 October Hypor Maxter boars were transported from France to Cyprus. The animals are going to strengthen the Cypriot market with good quality lean meat. With this project Animalia Genetics Ltd. helps to build a steady robust pork production in Cyprus.

Mr Michael Papaefstathiou, Managing Director Animalia Genetics: "Animalia Genetics' choice for Hypor is based on the excellent production performance under hot climate circumstances and the best quality meat they provide. The Hypor Maxter boars arrived in excellent condition and look fantastic. Our clients will definitely profit from this fastest growing Pietraín in the world."

Mr Ton ten Dam, Manager Hypor Central Eastern Europe: "We wish Animalia Genetics and their customers the best. We are confident that they will make the most out of this marvelous animal."