Special Showcase on Farrowing Welfare

19 October 2012, at 1:54pm

GERMANY - “Welfare“ will be at the centre of attention in the BFL/DLG special “Wellness in farrowing units“. This will be an ideal opportunity to explore innovations in farrowing housing equipment. In addition to the latest developments in conventional housing, flooring and climate systems, farrowing units with various possibilities of free range for sows will also be presented.

The farrowing house needs to combine the welfare of sows and piglets with labour safety and cost efficiency issues and still meet consumer expectations on quality and price.

The special showcase in Hall 11 will demonstrate the achievements made in modern animal husbandry to meet these high demands. A floor area of 540 square meters will host various types of housing that allow sows more movement, as well as floor design, feeding equipment, climate control, as well as hygiene and health management of sows and piglets. Also, experts on sow and piglet husbandry will be available to assist visitors and promote the exchange of information.

In addition, the EuroTier Pig Forum, held in Hall 12, B57, has a daily programme which covers all aspects of pig husbandry, nutrition, health and hygiene plus the special sessions on “Wellness in the farrowing house“. These sessions are accompanied by simultaneous translation (German / English).

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