TOPIGS Offers Training and Internships

23 October 2012, at 10:33am

GLOBAL - Training and education are very important for the TOPIGS organisation. TOPIGS therefore organises several training courses and internships.

Thirteen colleagues from China, Japan, Hungary and several other countries recently attended one of our internal training courses.

From July to September there was a hands-on internship and training course on all aspects of production and health management on swine farms. The internship took place in the Netherlands at two TOPIGS high health pig breeding farms and two veterinary clinics.

A colleague from Russia participated in a Marketing & Communication training course and was sponsored by the Russian Presidential Programme. By sharing information and investing in education TOPIGS constantly improves the level of knowledge within the TOPIGS organisation as equally our level of service.

New research facilities for TOPIGS

TOPIGS has opened new research facilities at Schothorst Feed Research (SFR). The new enlarged swine research facilities enable TOPIGS to investigate the different requirements of genetic lines, test new products and do other research.That will strengthen TOPIGS’ position as an internationally recognised knowledge centre. The new research center will take over the tasks of TOPIGS’ experimental farm in Beilen. This pig farm will cease its research activities and be sold. With the new research facilities TOPIGS is fully prepared for the future.