Pfizer Boar Meat Taste Testing in Puerto Vallarta

12 November 2012, at 6:02pm

MEXICO - During the Latin American Animal Nutrition Congress (CLANA) held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Pfizer invited attendees to a taste testing of boar meat from non-castrated male pigs. In place of traditional castration, the male pigs had been vaccinated with Improvac against boar taint, writes ThePigSite Editor, Carla Wright.

Commercial buyers of pork know that non-castrated male pig meat has boar taint. In order to show that pork from male pigs that were vaccinated against boar taint, rather than physically castrated, is just as tasty, Pfizer hired a local chef in Puerto Vallarta to prepare pork and let the attendees at CLANA see for themselves that the pork is delicious.

Jesus Morales, Improvac Leader, Swine Business Unit, Mexico City, Mexico, answered questions about Improvac:

- Is the name Improvac used only in Latin America?

“Improvac is the name used in Mexico; in Central America, Innosure, in Brazil, Vivax and in the U.S., Improvest.“

- How can a vaccine do what seems to be a hormonal action?

“Improvac is a novel immunological product for the control of boar taint that works solely through the immune system of the pig. Improvac is not a hormone and has no hormonal or pharmacological activity.“

- Did you get reactions at the tasting?

“The reactions were positive and agreed with the numerous sensory studies done previously involving either experts and/or consumers in many countries. The studies compared the sensory attributes, eating quality, and acceptability of pork from pigs vaccinated with Improvac with that from either physical castrates and/or female pigs.

“The results from all countries where we tested are consistent. Pork from boars vaccinated with Improvac was at least equivalent in sensory quality (odor, flavor, juiciness, tenderness, and overall acceptability) to pork from either female pigs or physically castrated pigs.“

-Tell me a little more about Improvac.

“Improvac is a profitable, safe, and reliable management tool for the control of boar taint, that provides a quality and welfare friendly alternative to surgical castration; it is proven to deliver the economic, pork quality, environmental, and welfare benefits that veterinarians, key opinion leaders, producers, processors, and consumers actually demand. Improvac is approved by the regulatory authorities of 63 countries and has zero days withdrawal in all markets.“

Pfizer representatives at boar meat taste testing
Pfizer representatives at boar meat taste testing