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Challenges Force Policy Change for Breeding Enterprise

by 5m Editor
5 December 2012, at 12:03pm

UK - East Anglian-based farming business Bacton Pigs Ltd has withdrawn its agreement to produce breeding stock and genetics for DanBred International (DBI).

Its UK agency contract, to supply DBI products to the UK and Ireland, has been dissolved and the UK nucleus site and AI stud will be closed.

The company said this is a regrettable decision, but economic pressures and external challenges have forced a change in management policy with regard to its pig production interests. It plans to down size operations as a consequence of increasing feed prices, rising input costs and herd health issues.

However, having experienced first-hand the value of highly-prolific Danish breeding stock, at both nucleus and commercial level, it does believe that DanAvl genetics (DBI breeding stock) have a great deal to offer UK pig producers in terms of improved herd performance and sow productivity.

It hopes all of its former customers will continue to thrive and benefit from DBI’s technical expertise and progressive genetic development.

Improvements going forward

UK and Irish herds can still source high-health DanAvl breeding stock from registered herds. They can also obtain semen direct from AI centres in Denmark.

More than 20 herds in the UK and Ireland now use DanBred International products and all report massive improvements to productivity. Some of these herds are weaning up to 30 pigs per sow per year and say that the Danish genetics have significantly lifted prolificacy. Producers say it has helped to put their herds back on track in their quest to achieve two tonnes of pig meat produced per sow per year - the target of the BPEX’s 2TS campaign.

Peter Marager, Business Manager for DanBred International in the UK says that the company still has huge potential in the UK.

“Herds using our breeding stock have seen definite benefits in terms of productivity and production costs savings. We have a proven and consistent track record and we believe there is a place for DanAvl genetics in this market. We are actively seeking further multiplication contracts and hope to expand our market share during the next few years,“ he said.

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