PIC, Iwatani Celebrate 30 Years of Partnership in Japan

17 December 2012, at 12:58pm

GLOBAL - In the same year that Genus subsidiary PIC showcases its first half-century of genetic improvement, it also pays tribute to the long-standing relationship with franchise partner, Iwatani Corporation of Japan.

It was 1982 when the first licensing agreement was ratified by PIC founding father Ken Woolley and Mr. Naoji Iwatani, the founder of the diversified energy conglomerate (pictured together).

Both men have since passed on but their pioneering spirit and inspiration endures: the companies have just signed a new agreement to continue their successful partnership in the Japanese market.

Commenting on the event Andrew Bateson, Business Development Director for PIC in Asia, said: "Such a long standing international business relationship is rare and is a great credit to our respective teams who have worked together to make it successful."

He went on to say: "The Japanese market is characterized by the emphasis it places on meat quality and by its near-total dependence on imported feed ingredients. In the current climate of high global prices of grains and soybean products, the feed conversion advantage of PIC Genetics has never been more relevant and is driving demand from producers in Japan as elsewhere."