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Performance Metrics in High-growth Environment

9 January 2013, at 8:08am

CANADA - They are powerful words, especially in a tough economy: high performance - high growth.

Every producer would like an opportunity to participate and hog industry leader, Jason Logsdon thinks performance metrics are a key. He will bring his message and first-hand experience to the 2013 Banff Pork Seminar, according to Meristem Land and Science.

Metrics help business leaders translate a strategy into execution, he says. Properly designed they allow leadership to "cascade a strategy throughout an organization and bring to life each stakeholder's impact in the business." And that allows stakeholder performance to be measured and compensated appropriately.

Mr Logsdon is CEO of The Maschhoffs, one of the largest family owned pork production networks in North America. That company partners with more than 400 family farmers across the US Midwest and produces enough pork to feed 10 million consumers annually.

His presentation will explain metrics in a high growth environment, the characteristics of good metrics and how to turn that into shareholder value creation. And he'll talk breakthrough metrics, how to establish the ones that count.

It is key business information for producers of all sizes. Mr Logsdon is lead-off speaker of Wednesday morning's plenary.

For more information on the 2013 Banff Pork Seminar, click here.

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