Jimmy Doherty Backs Red Tractor

by 5m Editor
14 February 2013, at 12:11am

UK - Celebrity pig farmer Jimmy Doherty has been extolling the virtues of traceable Red Tractor pork in radio interviews up and down the land.

He has already done 14 interviews for radio stations as far afield as Cumbria and Cornwall and has more planned.

Next week, he will be taking 10 mummy bloggers to visit his farm, have lunch and a talk on Red Tractor.

They will also have the opportunity to see a butchery demo with BPEX master butcher Keith Fisher. They will be able tweet/post throughout the event.

BPEX interim head of marketing Karen Hughes said: "This is an opportunity for bloggers to meet Jimmy and learn more about the Red Tractor mark, what it means and why they should be buying and supporting it. "Targeting bloggers enables us to reach an influential audience who can help spread the word about Red Tractor and help share the videos."

Next month (March) Mr Doherty will be starting the hunt for 'Hambassadors'. He will launch a call for volunteers who will be paid in pork in return for helping spread the word on the issues facing pig farmers and the values that Red Tractor represents.

All this is in addition to the three-minute videos which are all available on Chanel 4 On Demand until the end of next month.

There are also 30 second versions which appear before every documentary and food programme on C4 OD.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr Doherty said: "Eating British pork is of the utmost importance if you want to retain our pig farming sector. Choosing Red Tractor is a fantastic way of ensuring you are doing just that."