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Latest Pleurisy Costs Factsheet

by 5m Editor
21 March 2013, at 10:33am

UK - An updated BPEX factsheet which covers pleurisy in pigs has now been published, including latest figures on what the condition costs producers and processors.

Pleurisy is costing producers around 75p per affected pig in processing costs alone and the incidence of the complaint is increasing.

Pleurisy also stunts the growth and performance of pigs and BPEX estimates the total cost could be as high as £3.72 for each pig slaughtered, for a typical batch where 10 per cent of pigs have pleurisy.

This worrying trend has been detected in both BPEX Pig Health Scheme (BPHS) and Collection and Communication of Inspection Results (CCIR) reports and abattoirs are reporting up to 15 per cent of the kill being severely affected.

Cost is incurred when slaughter line speeds are slowed to deal with the additional dressing requirements of affected carcasses. Typically processors deduct half a kilo from the dead weight of affected carcases, resulting in a big loss to producers.

The factsheet, Action for Productivity no.28, is available here.

For details of free services including BPHS abattoir carcase reports, which help identify health issues like pleurisy, go to the Pig Health Improvement Project web site at or email [email protected] or call Helen Clarke on 02476 478877.

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